Pre-lambing fleeces now posted – clean and sound

by Cindy on January 1, 2024

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View the latest fleeces below.  To arrange a purchase, send us an email ( with your choice(s) and we will send an invoice.

See the Romney fleeces here.

Bluefaced Leicester here.

Teeswater here.

We also have both Romney and Teeswater bulk fleeces  for $5 per lb plus shipping. Our bulk fleece is composed of fleeces that for one reason or another do not meet our high standard for handspinning fleeces: they may be weathered, a bit webby, a bit short (though all are at least 3 inch staple, most are 5 in.), or have some VM, but all are perfect for machine processing. So if you need a lot of fleece for roving or felting, be sure to check them out at the bottom of the respective fleece page.

Happy shopping and thanks for the visit!


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