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Pitchfork 589 (Blackhawk) – 2010 white BFL ewe


Pitchfork 1257 TW

Pitchfork 1257 TW

Pitchfork 1257 TW
Twin Ram - Born 2022-04-11
Sire: Pitchfork 1158 TW BLU Reg 7125     Dam: Pitchfork 1106 TW BLU Reg 6777

We used this NC ram as cleanup on our ewes last fall as a lamb. He successfully bred every girl that came open, doing a great job for us. We will be posting photos of his lambs as they are born.  This ram is long-loined, square built, with a beautiful, consistent fleece, and is proven fertile. Delivery available to MSWF in May, 2023 or the All-American Junior Show in Madison, WI in July, 2023.

See his pedigree here: 1257