You have arrived at the website of Pitchfork Ranch (est. 1986) located in Swartz Creek, MI, where we raise purebred Romneys, Bluefaced Leicesters and llamas. Happy browsing and thanks for visiting our site.




We started lambing in the last week of January, and are currently at 52 lambs — with only 4 ewes left to lamb.  Here are a few of them.   Some are available, some are already reserved and some are not for sale. We haven’t really entirely decided which is which yet, but things will become clearer as they grow.

We normally have more pictures posted earlier, but the weather here has been, in a word, harsh, especially in terms of temperature. It’s much harder to take good pictures when it is -15 or -20 F. We’re hoping April will bring some warmer temps, but until then, all of these lambs are out with their moms with access to a deep, south facing three-sided shed, and handling it well. The spectacle of “lamb gangs” bouncing around the thawing barnyard and pasture is a sight that gives us faith spring is indeed coming.




We have several  natural colored Romney fleeces, white and natural colored Bluefaced Leicester fleeces and the first 2014 Teeswater / Teeswater cross fleeces are now available.



New pelts just posted-great for Christmas

December 7, 2014

We have just posted three new pelts, all are tanned washable. These are beautiful and make great gifts, for yourself or someone special.

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The supremes (no, not THOSE Supremes)

October 25, 2014

Pitchfork was lucky enough to be named Supreme at two shows this fall. At left  is pictured PFR 801, a natural-colored Romney ram lamb, who won the NC Long Wool Ram before being selected as Best NC Fleece and then Supreme NC Fleece at the 2014 New York Sheep and Wool Festival held in Rhinebeck [...]

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