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We also have both Romney and Teeswater bulk fleeeces  for $3 per lb plus shipping. Our bulk fleece is composed of fleeces that for one reason or another do not meet our high standard for handspinning fleeces: they may be weathered, a bit webby, a bit short (though all are at least 3 inch staple, most are 5 in.), or have some VM, but all are perfect for machine processing. So if you need a lot of fleece for roving or felting, be sure to check them out at the bottom of the respective fleece page.

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Second Look at our 2020 Lamb Crop

by Cindy on March 1, 2020

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As of March 1, we still have several ewes to deliver, but most of our 2020 lambs are moto-crossing around the barn. Now that they have their USDA tags in, they are easier to identify if they happen to be standing still.  Not all the lambs are represented here, and not all of these are for sale,but it is a quick peek at what we have so far and how they are growing.

1094 - ewe lamb
1095 (ram) & 1094 (ewe) - twins
1095 - ram
1095 - ram
1096 - ewe
1097 (scrapie 1107) ram
1100 ewe
1102 - ewe
1104 - ewe
1105 - ewe
1107 (scrapie 1097) ram
1108 - ram & mom
1108 ram
1108 ram
1109 in center - ewe
1109 & 1110 - ewe and ram - twins
1110 ram
1110 ram
1111 ewe
1111 ewe
1112 ram
1113 ram
1113 ram
1114 (ewe) and mom
1114 ewe
1115 ram
1116 ewe and 1110 ram
1116 ewe
1118 ram
1119 ewe & 1120 ram, twins
1120 ram
1122 ewe and 1121 ram , twins
1123 ram
1123 ram side
1117 ram
1124 ram & mom
1124 ram
1125 ram
1126 ewe & mom
1126 ewe





First look at our 2020 lamb crop

February 1, 2020

We started lambing on January 19, and as of this posting on February 4, we have 26 lambs, with around 16 ewes to go. Here is a quick look at some of the lambs we have so far. None of them have their scrapie tags in yet, so they are hard to identify in photos [...]

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Latest pelts posted – Teeswater and Romney lambs (plus one Merino!)

February 28, 2019

A new shipment of 13 pelts (Group #851) came back from the processor (Bucks County Fur) on Feb 15, 2019. Check them out quickly for the best selection! Beauty and practicality in one gift. Like the wise shepherd says, “They can’t all be breeders!” Here’s the contributions of a few lambs who did not make [...]

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