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We started lambing on January 19, and as of this posting on February 4, we have 26 lambs, with around 16 ewes to go. Here is a quick look at some of the lambs we have so far. None of them have their scrapie tags in yet, so they are hard to identify in photos (our small farm tag number faces backwards).

939 & lamb
835's ewe lamb
Black BFL lambs
Smiley's girl
1025 & daughter
Nose photo bomb
1105 ewe lamb
BFL ewe lamb
BFL ewe lamb twin
BFL triplet ram lamb
Group shot
"Restroom's out of TP..."
Romney Ewe lamb twin
Romney Ewe lamb twin
Romney ram lamb
Romney ram lamb
Romney ram lamb
Sue and twins
sue's twins - girl and boy
Smiley and daughter
Sue and twins
Supreme with two of her three lambs
Teeswater Ewe lamb
Teeswater twins



We have posted several  Romney, Teeswater  and BFL fleeces on our fleece page, many of them blanketed. We have one especially stunning white Romney fleece . Check them out here.



Pitchfork Pinot Gris

March 4, 2019

 DOB: 6-3-2013 ILR # 287116 Sire: Woodsend Super Stretch Dam: HI TRL Aeryn Sun This male is a good representation of our breeding goals. He has extension with the  athletic frame and bone to back it up, great balance and correctness throughout. He is a muscular  390 lbs, 48″ at the withers. His calm demeanor [...]

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Latest pelts posted – Teeswater and Romney lambs (plus one Merino!)

February 28, 2019

A new shipment of 13 pelts (Group #851) came back from the processor (Bucks County Fur) on Feb 15, 2019. Check them out quickly for the best selection! Beauty and practicality in one gift. Like the wise shepherd says, “They can’t all be breeders!” Here’s the contributions of a few lambs who did not make [...]

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