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PFR 805

Stylish later-born ewe lamb showing lots of promise for show and breeding. The black factor on the sire side is six generations back; grand sire is Kapa 9-97. On the dam side, the grand dam is a BB Moosehill ewe.  This girl is just coming into her fleece, and it is going to be a nice one: on the denser side, yet showing distinct lock and crimp. Good black points, square built and solid with good length and width of loin, she will show well as a yearling and perform wonderfully as a brood ewe.  See her fleece and pedigree below.

805 fleece at hip


805 fleece at side

PFR fleece at shoulder


PFR 805 Pedigree



We have several white and natural colored Romney fleeces and the first 2014 Teeswater / Teeswater cross fleeces now available. We will post some BFL fleeces.

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Check out the pelts here.

Teeswater Fleece, by Tim



Lambs for sale now posted

April 19, 2014

See the lambs we currently have for sale by following the links below. Please remember that many of  these lambs do not yet understand the importance of taking a good photo for their resumé to ensure their future employment outside the food industry, so please try to see past their ignorance. More information is available [...]

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Updated photos of 2014 lambs

April 6, 2014

We topped out at 41 lambs total, with the last ones born in mid-March.  Here are a few of them. Some are available, some are already reserved and some are not for sale. We haven’t really entirely decided which is which yet, but things will become clearer as they grow. Enjoy! Here are some earlier [...]

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