Fiber Flock Animals For Sale

We have several sheep we will sell as part of a fiber flock. Any purebreds will be sold without papers. All have excellent fleeces and are healthy.  Some are reproductively sound,  and some are not. Any that should not be bred are noted as such and their problems are described.

Pitchfork 1135 – BFL X Romney ewe lamb  – $300

Born March 9, 2020, single – 30-day average daily gain of .89 lb.

This ewe lamb should produce and gorgeous fleece and beautiful lambs, no matter the breed of the ram. Growing well, great hybrid vigor.


Pitchfork 873 – Natural colored Romney ewe – $175 

Born Jan 31, 2016

We would love to have lambs out of this ewe, but she has never lambed for us. Her fleece is consistently our best NC fleece at every shearing. It is absolutely gorgeous and snapped up at a premium price every time. If you are a fleece aficionado, this girl is for you.


Pitchfork 980 – Teeswater Ewe – $200

Born March 2, 2017

Close bred (dad is also grandpa) accidentally, this girl has lamb for us twice and has performed adequately, but her lambs do not gain as much as they should. Not recommended for breeding. Rather tame and easy going.



Pitchfork 924 – Romney ewe  – $200 

Born Feb 25, 2016

Sub-clinical mastitis has made it very difficult for her to feed her lambs. Not recommended for breeding (unless you really want bottle lambs).


Pitchfork 1040 – Bluefaced / Teeswater  experienced ewe

Born April 2, 2018. Lambed Feb 2, 2020 – twins. Great mom, lots of milk.

This girl will supply a gorgeous fleece as a great brood ewe. Level top, wide at rear, wide and thick at the loin, standing on sound feet and legs. And get a load of the fleece!



Yellow Farm Ingrid – Teeswater ewe – $100 (or less if combined with the purchase of other sheep/ lambs)
Born March 25, 2012
This older gal has been a great mom for us, but did not breed last fall, so we have decided to retire her. She is an easy keeper, has a full mouth of teeth, and has been very healthy. She has a nice fleece and a friendly, calm, approachable demeanor.  She would make a great “Auntie” sheep for companionship. 

Pitchfork 1090 – Bluefaced X Romney cross lamb

Pitchfork 1090 – Bluefaced X Romney cross lamb

Pitchfork 1090 – Bluefaced X Romney cross lamb
Triplet Ewe

Sturdy, fast growing triplet girl. A beautiful crossbred ewe lamb that will produce a gorgeous white fleece, which will have more resilience than BFL and and finer, softer locks than a Romney. Will be weaned by the end of May, 2019.