Fiber Flock Animals For Sale

We have several ewes we will sell as part of a fiber flock. Any purebreds will be sold without papers. All have excellent fleeces and are healthy.  Some are reproductively sound,  and some are not. Any that should not be bred are noted as such and their problems are described.


Pitchfork 1040 – Bluefaced / Teeswater  yearling ewe

Born April 2, 2018

This girl will supply a gorgeous fleece as a great brood ewe. Level top, wide at rear, wide and thick at the loin, standing on sound feet and legs. And get a load of the fleece!  $350

Not a fan of the halter or the photographer


Pitchfork 958 – Purebred Romney ewe

Born February 16, 2017

This two-year old ewe had a persistent vaginal prolapse for the last month of her pregnancy. A retainer kept it in until delivery of three rather tiny triplets. She was a reluctant mother at first, but came around within 24 hours. All the lambs survived and are doing quite well, but the prolapse and lack of initial mothering puts her into the “not recommended for breeding”  or “breed at your own risk” category for us. She has a beautiful fleece (see 2018 and 2019 fleeces below) and has become rather friendly because we have trained her to come in to the special “Skinny Mamas” pen for extra grain.   $250 no papers