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To order, please send us an email at pitchfork3772@gmail.com. Indicate which fleece(s) you are interested in and your zip code. We will figure shipping and send you a PayPal invoice, unless you request another payment method. 

We sell clean, well-skirted, premium fleeces. They are guaranteed to be as described or your money back (including shipping!). The price listed is for the entire fleece. Shipping (via USPS Priority Mail unless requested otherwise) is extra and depends upon the destination. You can estimate shipping cost from our ZIP code (48473) to yours at the U.S. Postal Service website. Keep in mind that the box will add about 1.5 lbs to the shipping weight.

All fleeces are shorn and stored in a smoke-free environment.

If you would prefer to receive a ready-to-spin product, we can take the fleece directly to Zeilinger’s Wool Processing in not-too-distant Frankenmuth, MI, for a small fee ($10 to cover gas) thereby saving one shipping charge (if you plan to ship it out for processing). Their website is www.zwool.com .

Fleeces are marked as SOLD when we have received payment. Fleeces marked RESERVED have been spoken for, but payment has not yet been received. They may still be available if the interested party does not follow through. We accept Paypal, personal check and money orders. Email us for our mailing address.

Fleeces are either shorn blanketed (covered while growing during the hay-feeding season) or pastured (uncovered while the sheep is on pasture, therefore no hay contamination). All are well-skirted.

PFR 0522 - 23

PFR 0522 - 23

PFR 0522 - 23 3.30 lbs, 6.00" staple length. Shorn October 2023. Unblanketed fleece.

Nice length, luster and lock structure on this bright white fleece. Slightly webby in spots but the locks separate very easily. Not blanketed but shorn after summer grazing season, so no VM.



Teeswater Bulk fleece

Teeswater Bulk fleece

Teeswater Bulk fleece 50.00 lbs, 6.00" staple length. Shorn January 2020. fleece.

We have Teeswater  bulk fleeces  for $10 per lb plus shipping. Our bulk fleece is composed of fleeces that for one reason or another do not meet our high standard for handspinning fleeces: they may be weathered, a bit webby, a bit short (though all are at least 3 inch staple, most are 5 in.), or have some VM, but all are perfect for felting or machine processing into roving. They have been skirted and and do not contain manure tags or self-felted sections. The photos below represent a sampling of the bulk fleeces.   10 lb minimum purchase.