BFL Lambs For Sale

Please note that, with a couple of exceptions, the lambs were photographed with minimal cleanup and fitting, just enough to give viewers a fair look at the animal.  Our lambs are allowed to roam the pasture or shelter in a three-sided shed; they are not confined to a barn or drylot. They consume grain, grass and hay, although the hay is minimal while the pastures are green. Under most circumstances, our ram lambs have proven capable of breeding in their first season.

We may also have a limited number of “pet” or “fiber flock” quality lambs available, priced accordingly. Please contact us for more information.

We deliver free to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May and Rhinebeck in October. We can usually arrange delivery to other events.

We are currently have the labs listed below availalble.  New lambs will begin to arrive in January of 2022! Please contact us regarding our reservation list.

Pitchfork 1327 TowTruck

Pitchfork 1327 TowTruck

Pitchfork 1327 TowTruck
Single Ram - Born 2024-02-06
Sire: 7461 Towdypotts L10 (UK)     Dam: 6777 BP Pitchfork 1106
$800.00 SOLD

Huge single ram lamb sired via artificial insemination (AI). Great structure, movement, legs and feet. Sharp blue pigment. Dam is natural colored and  has produced many twins for us; we attribute the single birth to the vagaries of AI. 

TowTruck will be ready to breed for his new flock this fall.

Pitchfork 1348

Pitchfork 1348

Pitchfork 1348
Quad Ram - Born 2024-03-08
Sire: Pitchfork 1274 "Todd", BLU reg. # 7884     Dam: Maxi, BLU reg. # 6493 BS
$650.00 SOLD

This F2 ram was the first out of a set of quads, conceived naturally and without hormones. Mom (natural colored) has a history of triplets. We really like his square, nicely balanced build and sharp color. If you are looking to add some prolificacy to your pedigrees, this is your boy. We assisted (but never took over) mom with feeding a couple of the litter, but not him.

His pedigree will be posted as soon as it is available. BLU members can look up his sire and dam on the BLU Pedigree Database.

Pitchfork 1347

Pitchfork 1347

Pitchfork 1347
Single Ram - Born 2024-03-08
Sire: Pitchfork 1274 "Todd", BLU reg. # 7884     Dam: Pitchfork 1033, BLU reg. # 5941
$600.00 RESERVED

This ram lamb has a great body on him, long and thick made, with super feet and legs. He is an F2, having been sired by our F1 ram Todd. We'd prefer more pigment ear-wise, but the rest of his markings and points are nice and sharp. Both sire and dam have very good pigment, and his ears are getting darker with exposure. 

His pedigree is pending, and will be posted as soon as it is available. His dam and sire's pedigrees can be viewed by current BLU members on the online pedigree database.