BFL Lambs For Sale

Please note that, with a couple of exceptions, the lambs were photographed with minimal cleanup and fitting, just enough to give viewers a fair look at the animal.  Our lambs are allowed to roam the pasture or shelter in a three-sided shed; they are not confined to a barn or drylot. They consume grain, grass and hay, although the hay is minimal while the pastures are green. Under most circumstances, our ram lambs have proven capable of breeding in their first season.

We may also have a limited number of “pet” or “fiber flock” quality lambs available, priced accordingly. Please contact us for more information.

We deliver free to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May and Rhinebeck in October. We can usually arrange delivery to other events.

We are sold out of 2017 lambs at this time.

2018 lambs will begin arriving in February. Contact us (email or phone) if you are interested in reserving lambs.

Pitchfork 1068

Pitchfork 1068

Pitchfork 1068
Triplet Ram - Born 2019-02-13
Sire: Beechtree 124 Blue     Dam: Pitchfork 887 (Smiley Cyrus)
$450.00 RESERVED

The largest of a square-built set of triplets. Wide, deep loin.  Level topped, wide and straight in the rear. Ears and head are spotty but darkening. 



Pitchfork 1090, BFL X Romney

Pitchfork 1090, BFL X Romney

Pitchfork 1090, BFL X Romney
Triplet Ewe - Born 2019-03-31
Sire: Beechtree 82 Green     Dam: Pitchfork 958

A beautiful crossbred ewe lamb that will produce a gorgeous white fleece, which will have more resilience than BFL and and finer, softer locks than a Romney.  Will be weaned by the end of May.