Llamas For Sale

We are currently offering the following llamas for sale:

Pitchfork Grayson

Pitchfork Grayson

Pitchfork Grayson
Single Male - Born 2019-11-07
Sire: Pinot Gris     Dam: HI TRL Cinnamon Crunch

This is C.C.'s final cria. High Trail genetics top and bottom, with Yanaqui and Super Stretch as the grandsires.  Great balance, structure and disposition. Classic/Ccara bloodlines exclusively.

As he is still rather young, we are not quite ready to put a price on him yet. At this point we do plan to sell him, as we can't breed him to any of our females. As he matures and gets trained, we will update this page. 

In the photo below, the second-to-the-top bar on the gate is 42"