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Romney Bulk fleece

Romney Bulk fleece

100.00 lbs, 5.00" staple length. Shorn December 0. fleece.

We have Romney  bulk fleeces  for $6 per lb plus shipping. Our bulk fleece is composed of fleeces that for one reason or another do not meet our high standard for handspinning fleeces: they may be weathered, a bit webby, a bit short (though all are at least 3 inch staple, most are 5 in.), or have some VM, but all are perfect for felting or machine processing into roving. They have been skirted and and do not contain manure tags or self-felted sections. The photos below represent a sampling of the bulk fleeces.  Some are bagged as individual fleeces from a single sheep. 10 lb. minimum purchase, please.

If you would like all your bulk order to come from one single fleece, please let us know. Otherwise, we will mix the fleeces of different sheep to reach the pounds ordered.