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Barnes 8007 (Halsey)

Barnes 8007 (Halsey)

Name: Barnes 8007 (Halsey)   Ram

Halsey was purchased as a yearling from Lynn and Ethelma Barnes in the spring of 2009. His first lambs arrived in February, 2010. We appreciate the thickness, correct conformation and excellent breed character this ram has brought to our flock.

This ram is the sire of the Supreme Champion White Ram at the 2010 NYSWF. He is also the sire of the 2011 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Best Fleeced Romney, bred by Pitchfork and owned by Justin Andress of Windy Oaks Farm, Ottsville, PA.

Sadly, we lost Halsey in June 2013 to intestinal torsion. We have retained a son to take over where he left off.