Pelts » 256 L Romney Lamb

256 L Romney Lamb

256 L Romney Lamb

Measurements: 36 X 24.5
Fleece Length: 2.00"

All Romney pelts in group 256 come from nearly identical lambs, with the only differences being variations in size and staple length, due to age differences when processed. They all exhibit excellent lock structure and crimp. Any holes are clearly evident in the photos, and none are visible from the wool side. Romney lamb pelts are soft and pillowy, with good cushioning properties. They work well in a variety of uses. including  draped over furniture, in bassinets (they are washable), or as rugs in low traffic areas, such as next to a bed. Due to their higher density, they are sometimes used in medical settings to relieve pressure on joints for less mobile or arthritic individuals. 

This one is larger than most in this group, with a finer lock and crimp. Soft and dense.