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Lorenzo (PFR 693-AI)

Lorenzo (PFR 693-AI)

Name: Lorenzo (PFR 693-AI)   Triplet Ram – Born 2012-02-11
Sire: Myfyrian Trueblue 1183/B013 Dam: Reva (Ward 07-0774)

This ram is a product of the last importation of UK BFL semen into the US. His sire is True Blue Myfyrian B-13. He shows outstanding thickness and over the top, excellent capacity and a very nice fleece that carries well down the britch. His pigment is distinct and he stands on very correct feet and legs. We are very please with the progress he represents in our Bluefaced Leicester breeding program.

Lorenzo was sold into another flock in 2017 to make room for new bloodlines.