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Ellwood (PFR 728-AI)

Ellwood (PFR 728-AI)

Name: Ellwood (PFR 728-AI)   Twin Ram – Born 2013-01-29
Sire: Llwygy Black Mountain 1706/B67 Dam: Bonny (Ward 08-0846)

This natural-colored ram represents an excellent blend of US and UK blooodlines. He is flat-topped with lots of  length and thickness , and his extra extension works well as a counterbalance to our white ram’s “linebacker” build. He is very correct on his feet and legs and sports an attractive black-patterned fleece. RR at Codon 171. His lambs have done well both at show and breeding. 

View his pedigree here: PFR 728 Ellwood.

Ellwood was sold into a Canadian flock in 2018 to make room for new genetics.