Classic llamas for sale

by Cindy on August 4, 2016

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No matter what kind of llamas you favor, a shot of true classic genetics is bound to do your herd some good. Our small but highly selected herd is a collection of some of the most time-tested and true-breeding classic genetics available in the US, and one of very few true classic herds in the Midwest. We select for athleticism, balance, disposition and correctness under a easy-care classic coat. Our bloodlines tend toward taller end of the classic spectrum, with an average height of  47 inches at the withers. However, height is but one factor in our selection criteria, and we do not over-emphasize it.

We currently have available three breeding-quality animals: two females and one male. Click here  for more information.

 Walter P.
Alberta Crunch

Alberta Crunch

Gabriela Omega



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