A fleece with international appeal

by Margaret on January 16, 2012

in Bluefaced Leicester Fleeces, Sheep Fleeces, Wool & Products

In mid-November, we received what looked  like just another email inquiry of  doubtful origin and sincerity, asking about

Natalia and her new BFL fleece

a certain BFL fleece we had posted on our site. This buyer claimed to be in the Ukraine and wanted to know how to to go about purchasing the fleece. “Yeah, right,” I thought, as I hit “delete”  and didn’t think about again until a second inquiry arrived about two weeks later.  This time,  I was bit more circumspect, and, at the risk of getting on yet another mass-spammer’s email list, decided to go ahead and answer. My correspondent turned out to be a real, live buyer who does indeed live in the Ukraine and was willing to pay a fairly hefty ($35 first class) shipping fee in addition to the charge for the fleece.  We exchanged a number of emails and I began look forward to reading her delightful version of  English. Though she may not conform to the highest standards of English grammar, she gets her point across quite well, and it it light-years ahead of my Ukrainian.  Natalia, if you are reading this, please accept my sincere apologies for ever doubting you. I “thanks you big.”


From December 13, 2011:

Dear, Margaret

Thanks for the answer. I searched for myself the Sheep of the Fleece, and have seen you on the Internet.

This is the fleece that caught Natalia's attention across 10 time zones.

At you very remarkable lambs.

It was pleasant to me.

I still want to buy this to a fleece. How I can pay? I can paypal.

Give the data for payment.

Regards, Natalia


From December 14, 2011

 Hi, Margaret and Cindy 

Thanks for your history. I was born and studied in Ukraine. My ancestors from Ukraine too. To us to a city there came the volunteer from America and I with pleasure visited its employment on English language.

Here so has a little learned. I am glad that we can to understand each other.

I will periodically enjoy yours website, to admire your lambs.And I will necessarily recheck in February. 

I have sent –$ Paypal.

Thanks. With impatience I wait the fleece

Regards, Natalia 


From December 17, 2011:

Hi,  Margaret and Cindy 

To me pleasantly your attention. 

 I with pleasure will comply with your request to photograph myself with (Ukrainian script here)  to send you a photo. To me it will be pleasant. 

 As soon as I will receive a package at once I will inform.

In Ukraine also now rainy weather. Very much we wait for winter and a snow cover. For now still warmly. I love snow winter also.

 Rregards Natalia 


From January 4, 2012

 Hi,  Margaret and Cindy 

Today has received the fleece. Such beautiful and soft. I am very happy. Thanks you big. Now I should be photographed and send you a photo. Don’t worry I will make one of these days. 

At us has now dropped out a lot of snow and a small frost.

Regards, Natalia 

From January 10, 2012

 Dear  Margaret and Cindy 

Excuse for a delay. I a little bit was ill, but now all is good. I send you a photo.

I will necessarily glance to you on a farm still to admire lambs and to buy still fleece.

Thanks you big.

Best regards, Natalia


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